Kitchen Remodeling in Modesto

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where memories are made over treasured family recipes, and where friends and family gather for good times. It’s where we go to soothe ourselves after a hard day with a little extra snack from the pantry. And it’s often the place where good form and function meet for a space that’s truly a joy to be in—when you’re working with All About Kitchens, anyway. We’re a renovation contractor helping Modesto homeowners bring their dream kitchens to life. With innovative remodeling designs and tested techniques, we bring your vision to fruition on time—and on budget!

Modesto’s Premier Kitchen Remodeling Company

What sets All About Kitchens apart from the rest of the crowd? Well, unlike a lot of other renovation and remodeling contractors operating around Modesto, we’re 100% focused on a single room in your home: the kitchen.

Every family is different, and the needs of every Modesto homeowner will be different. Maybe you’re someone that loves eating out, and just wants a cool space to hang out in rather than all the bells and whistles a dedicated chef needs.

Or, maybe you’re a busy homemaker that loves cooking up a storm—and especially needs good cabinet space for mounds of Tupperware and exotic spices.

All About Kitchens will work with you to create a PERFECT remodeling plan that is perfect for you and your home.

We’ll source the best materials we can find that meet your budget. We’ll put you in touch with our network of trusted contractors working in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry. And we’ll oversee the project from start to finish, ensuring every detail comes out perfectly.

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Ready to talk shop? We’re certain you’re going to be thrilled with our professional attitudes and beautiful portfolio of recently remodeled Modesto kitchens. Read on if you want to learn more about what we do, but if you’re ready to get a free estimate or to get the ball rolling on your kitchen renovation, click the button to your right to give us a call!

Create Your Perfect Cooking Space with Our Kitchen Contractors

When it comes time to remodel the heart of your home, our expert contractors focus on creating a cooking space that’s both beautiful and functional. From custom cabinets and countertops to flooring and lighting, we work with you to create a kitchen that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

No matter your budget or style preferences, our contractors will work with you to create a kitchen that you’ll love for years to come. We pay close attention to every detail, from the layout of the space to the finishes that will make your kitchen pop. Trust us to create a stunning kitchen that you’ll always enjoy cooking in.

Kitchen Upgrades for Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency

When it comes to home improvement projects, the kitchen is one of the most popular areas to renovate. Not only does a kitchen remodel add value to your home, but it can also save you money on your energy bills.

If you're looking for a team of experienced kitchen designers who can help you save money and energy, look no further than All About Kitchens. We specialize in helping homeowners create energy-efficient kitchens that save a bundle on their monthly utility bills.

We understand that every home is different, which is why we offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and budget. We'll then create a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.

Some of the ways we can help you save money and energy include:

  • Updating your appliances to more energy-efficient models
  • Installing new insulation or weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Replacing outdated light fixtures with LED lighting
  • Adding low-flow faucets and appliances
  • …and more

Our Showcase of Recent Kitchen Makeovers

If you're looking for kitchen renovation inspiration, look no further. We've put together a showcase of some of our recent kitchen projects to give you an idea of what's possible when you work with our remodelers.

Whether you're aiming for a modern and sleek look or something more traditional, we can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Our team of experienced contractors will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

Click here to take a look at some of our past projects and see what we can do for you!

More Ideas for Your Kitchen Additions

When it comes to kitchen design, it can feel like there are endless options and ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a complete kitchen makeover or just a few minor updates, our team of expert remodeling contractors can help transform your kitchen into the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Some of the most popular kitchen design trends include:

  • Adding an island: Islands are a great way to add extra prep space, storage, and seating to your kitchen.
  • Updating your appliances: If your appliances are outdated or no longer functioning properly, it may be time for an upgrade. Our team can help you select the perfect new appliances for your space and budget.
  • Refinishing your cabinets: Cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen an entirely new look. We can repaint or stain your cabinets in any color or finish you desire.
  • Installing new countertops: Countertop replacement is another great way to refresh your kitchen’s look and feel. We offer a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen.


Even if your current kitchen is functional, it may not reflect your unique lifestyle and cooking needs. At All About Kitchens we’ve had the pleasure of updating many kitchens in Modesto over the years to tie in with their owners’ personality and their style of decor.

Creating a custom kitchen is a big undertaking, but we are up for the job, ready to go above and beyond, and make the build a flawless one so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the results.


Many clients come to us with a rough idea of what they want in a kitchen. Maybe they’ve always dreamed of having an island, or want to update the cabinetry. Once you’ve told us everything you want, we will flesh out the concept in the form of a kitchen design, which you will approve before we start building. Modesto clients love working with the All About Kitchens team because of our full-service practice. From start to end, we work together with you so you don’t have to hire multiple companies and subcontractors.


At All About Kitchens we work at an efficient pace. While some things can be hard to control, such as when materials arrive once ordered, if you have a timeline set, we will work to complete your renovation within that window.

Not being able to use your kitchen for weeks on end is highly inconvenient, and we understand the frustration you’ll likely experience. Once we start a renovation, getting your kitchen put back together so you can start using it, is our top priority.

But we don’t sacrifice quality in this process. Over the years we’ve gathered the best team of skilled craftsmen that make kitchen construction look like a breeze.


While it’s not the simplest thing to provide an average kitchen remodel cost due to the multitude of factors that go into a project like this, we can say you’ll be looking at a few thousand dollars.

We like to provide our Modesto clients with services they can actually afford, so at All About Kitchens you’ll find competitive pricing every time, no matter how big or how small the remodeling project you want to pursue is.

Don’t get gouged by a company that does cheap, fast and sub-par work. Think of All About Kitchens every time and get the best quality for the best price.


We love giving you true value, and so when we speak to you as a new client we like to get off on the right foot by offering a free in-home estimate.

Give us a call, and we will set up a visit within a day or two where you can tell us what you’re hoping to accomplish. When we go back to the office we’ll price it and plot out a rough plan so we can come back to you with a great estimate of price.

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The Skills We Bring to Your Kitchen Table (and Kitchen Countertops, and Kitchen Cabinets)

What can you expect when you hire All About Kitchens to help you with your next kitchen remodel? Well, we’ve honed our knives on some of the toughest design projects in Modesto, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Contact All About Kitchens for top quality kitchen remodeling and renovation services, including:

  • •Kitchen floor refinishing and replacement
  • •A beautiful selection of refinished kitchen cabinets and new luxury cabinets
  • •Top-quality kitchen fixtures including kitchen sinks, taps, and other functional items
  • •Kitchen countertops made from a range of materials, including granite, quartz, formica, wood, vinyl, composite, and concrete
  • •Luxury kitchen appliances

Wondering if your kitchen can support a gas stove? Need help reimagining your storage setup to fit all your kitchen gadgets? Call Modesto’s premier kitchen renovation contractor, All About Kitchens, today to get started!

Five Hot Trends in Kitchen Remodeling We’ve Seen in Modesto for 2018

For many Modesto homeowners, their kitchens are the centerpiece of the house. And why wouldn’t they be? Good kitchen design is a perfect marriage of fashion and function. Every aspect of your kitchen should be considered to bring you joy and also make your life as a homeowner easier.

If your kitchen is showing its age or looking a little worse for wear, maybe it’s time for a facelift. Home renovation projects aren’t something to embark upon lightly, it’s true. But you’d be amazed at the value that kitchen remodeling can bring to your home—especially financially!

If you’re looking to get your kitchen design juices flowing, we at All About Kitchens have produced a list of these five trends we see over and over in Modesto homes this year. And after you’ve mulled these over, do a little brainstorming of your own and give a qualified kitchen renovation company a call!

1) Smart Kitchens

As we head into the third decade of the new millennium, the fast pace of technological advancement has turned ordinary kitchens into futuristic scenes out of The Jetsons. More and more appliances with Internet connectivity are being introduced and it’s possible to control every aspect of your home with the touch of a button. 2018 has seen the connected kitchen become safer and more affordable than ever before.

2) Dark and Dramatic Accent Cabinets

Earlier in the decade, it seemed that all-white kitchens were going to be around forever. But many homeowners got tired of how frigid and sterile the all-white look was. Not to mention how difficult it was to keep clean. For 2018 and beyond, the trend in new kitchen cabinets is dark—greys, blacks, and navy blues.

Plus, installing new kitchen cabinets is one of the less expensive options for home renovation that you can undertake. Your kitchen renovation estimate doesn’t have to break the bank!

3) Say Goodbye to Shaker Kitchens and Hello to the Future

Shaker kitchens have been a mainstay of kitchen design for centuries. But as we move closer to an exciting and exuberant new decade, kick this stodgy tradition to the curb.

Minimalist and industrial-inspired looks with dramatic fixtures are leading the charge into the future. You don’t need wasteful Edison bulbs to make this look authentic—try new LED equivalents.

4) Keep it Green

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that environmentally friendly design is more important than ever. All About Kitchens is seeing a movement both in sustainability of materials and in bridging the natural world with the home. Updating the look and feel of your home doesn’t mean choosing between your love of style and your love of the planet!

Try adding greenery and using bamboo as a construction material. Keep it fresh!

5) Express Yourself

Ultimately, what matters most is creating a space you love to live in, no matter what’s trendy. Choosing a design that reflects your personality, your values and your budget is a winning combination. When you’ve deliberated on your dream kitchen design, give All About Kitchens a call for a kitchen renovation estimate. If you can dream it, we can build it!

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