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Countertop Installation in Modesto

Often overlooked in comparison to other parts of your Modesto home, a new countertop adds real and lasting value to bathrooms, kitchens and rooms of all other shapes and sizes. A new countertop is not only a practical for some of the busiest rooms in your home, if designed and installed correctly, it can also add a real sense of style and elegance to your home.

At All About Kitchens, we are passionate about countertop installation, and our skilled team of technicians will stop at nothing in the pursuit of excellence for your family home. Our skilled technicians will demonstrate the highest quality workmanship while our committed pursuit of the highest standard of customer service means that your needs and wants will always be our number one priority.

So, if you want to replace an old kitchen countertop or install a new one from scratch, then you need to contact the Modesto countertop specialists you can rely on today. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t Take Shortcuts on Your Biggest Investment

Chances are if you are like most of our residential customers in Modesto, then your family home is your most valuable asset. If this is the case, then you need to make sure that you take the time to guarantee that all the fixtures and fittings contained within your house or condo are of the highest possible standard. Nowhere is this more important than with your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

What most homeowners in Modesto do not realize is that a countertop can make or break the entire look and feel of your home and that is why you need a superior service that will not be beat for price or convenience.

Differences Between Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Aside from the obvious differences in terms of location in your Modesto home, there are a range of other differing characteristics between a kitchen and bathroom countertop. So, if you are looking to modernize your bathroom and kitchen with a new countertop, then it is important to keep the following pointers in mind.

As well as being stylish and highly decorative, the fact of the matter is that countertops are extremely practical. However, the pragmatism of each of these focal points differs considerably depending on the room that they are located in your Modesto home. On top of that, there are a range of other differences that exist between each of these countertops. With that in mind, here are some of the subtle differences between both types of countertop. The first of these are the variations is size.

In general, bathroom countertops are typically much smaller than their kitchen counterparts. On average, a standard kitchen countertop has a height of 36 inches and a width of 25 inches. This is enough to provide space for a cook top or even a sink should you want it. The bathroom countertop on the other hand has a height of 32 inches but, again this is a matter of personal preference, and taller folk may prefer a countertop closer to the kitchen standard.

Another variation between kitchen and bathroom countertops is in relation to the usage enjoyed by each. Unlike your home’s kitchen countertop, where it is usually kept dry, the bathroom-based countertop is a completely different environment. While it is true that leftover food crumbs or potential marks from utensils may stain your kitchen’s countertops, the fact of the matter is that your home’s bathroom is susceptible to a range of far more dangerous threats that are far more difficult to clean. They can include anything from mouthwash and toothpaste to other hygiene products that are likely to leave your countertop with stains that just won’t quit. On top of that, your bathroom’s countertops face frequent threats due to plumbing leaks and flooding.

What this means is that if you are considering renovating your Modesto home with a new countertop, it is important to closely consider a stone material that is resistant to most if not all stains, is easy to maintain and is long-lasting. If you are looking for a material that checks all these boxes, then granite should be at the top of this list. The reason that granite remains such a popular choice for both bathroom and kitchen tops globally is because it is resilient to almost all forms of water damage. Granite also creates a wonderfully impressive esthetic and can enhance the look and feel of any kitchen or bathroom almost immediately. So, if you like what the sound of what you hear and want to learn more, then why not give one of our team members a call and let us answer any questions that you may have.

Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

  1. More Counter Space When you bought your Modesto home you thought you had enough counter space. For years you’ve happily used it without any issues. So why does it feel like you don’t have enough counter space anymore? Counters often double as clutter storage devices. There’s the pen holder, the flower pots, the notepads, the bills, the charging station, the smartphones, the calendar. The list goes on—and none of it is food-related! But the stuff isn’t going anywhere. A great solution to this is adding an island to your kitchen or extending a part of your countertop. An island will give you room to organize your kitchen in a way that works for you.
  2. Daily Wear and Tear Counters take a lot of abuse. You’re cutting stuff up. Dropping glasses on them. Dragging dishes across them. They get chipped and stained and dented and burnt. Different countertop materials are better than others. If you’ve destroyed your current countertop, try replacing it with a material that will suit you better. At All About Kitchens, we can install a wide variety of countertops. Choosing the one that’s right for you depends both on your budget and how you expect to use it. Choose from granite, copper, concrete, laminate and more!
  3. Where Did it Go? Do you keep losing things in your kitchen? This is a common problem for people with disorganized kitchens. You might not exactly solve this problem with a new countertop, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about a new cabinet setup. Maybe an island? And while you’ve got your kitchen in pieces, there’s no better time to replace that old countertop!
  4. Let’s Be Honest, You Hate It Have you been sick of your countertop for a long time? Did you buy a house with a mediocre kitchen but never got around to remodeling? A lot of our Modesto clients feel this way. With All About Kitchens, you have access to professional designers and kitchen remodelers. With our design advice and technical know-how, you’ll have a kitchen you love in no time. So quit apologizing to your guests for the state of your kitchen. Contact All About Kitchens today!
  5. Increase Home Value One of the great reasons to renovate and modernize your Modesto kitchen is to increase your home’s value. What does this mean? It means you can actually make a profit on the money you invest in your kitchen. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. The kitchen is a top selling feature for every real estate agent. More than bathrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms. If you’re planning on selling your home remodeling your kitchen can greatly increase the overall value of your home!
  6. A Cleaner, Safer Modesto Home Kitchens are bacterial breeding grounds. It’s not just the raw meat either. It’s the moisture, the organic food residues. It’s the hands that haven’t been washed yet. It’s the cracks, dents, and pores of your kitchen counter. Replacing your current counter with a newer one that’s easier to clean is a good way to protect you and your loved ones from bacteria, yeast, mold, and viruses.

Leave it to the Professionals

While it is admirable for the DIY enthusiast in your life to try their hand at polishing a hardwood floor or replacing a door hinge, the reality is that when it comes to countertop installation, you really can’t afford to take chances by doing it yourself. The simple fact of the matter is that a job of this magnitude requires complex skills and diligent attention to detail.

At All About Kitchens our skilled team of installation technicians possess all the expertise necessary to handle this job with perfection. Using specialized skills and state-of-the-art tools and machinery means that it always makes more sense to go down the professional route.

Finally, what may seem like a clever cost-saving measure in the short-term could end up being the exact opposite in the long-term as mistakes from amateur enthusiasts can be extremely costly and very challenging to repair once the countertop has been installed.

Call All About Kitchens Today

If you are based in the Modesto area and are looking for a superior countertop installation service, then you need to call All About Kitchens today. Our experience combined with a professional approach to all aspects of our service means we simply will not be beat for quality or convenience.

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