A bathroom can make or break your home. It is one of the most important areas of your property and when it comes time to renovate, hiring a professional team is always in your best interest.

While we respect the DIYers out there, achieving a bathroom renovation that is top-quality and built to stand the test of time is difficult without professional training and industry knowledge. The experts at All About Kitchens, have renovated dozens of bathroom spaces over the years. We know what it takes to create a beautiful and functional space, and we want to share our expertise with you.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your home reno, we invite you to hop on the phone now. If you’re not quite convinced that a professional team is necessary, we encourage you to dive into this blog. Our team can help you avoid problems, save time and money, and create a space that will increase the overall market value of your home.

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1. Avoiding Problems

Unfortunately, many problems can crop up when renovating your bathroom – more so when you’ve never taken on a project of this scale before.

A professional renovating team can help you comply with important building codes and ensure the safety of your renovation and your space long-term.

Before we even get started with your reno, All About Kitchens will take the time to assess the space. We will check for mold and other hazards that currently exist in your bathroom and come up with strategies to avoid excessive moisture and other issues moving forward. We will also oversee the plumbing work, electrical installations, and waterproofing to ensure that everything is up to code and working as it should be.

Additionally, our team has insurance. So, if unforeseen problems do arise you and your bank account will be covered!

2. Easing Stress and Saving Time

A lot goes into a bathroom renovation, especially if you are rearranging the space, installing new fixtures, tiling, lighting, etc. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting started, a professional expert can help ease your stress.

A team like ours will take on the management of your project from start to finish. We can help you choose and source high-quality materials, organize subcontractors to complete various tasks, and keep things on track. With us by your side, your project will be completed the way you want it, as quickly as possible.

Our team understands that every homeowner has different expectations when it comes to their bathroom reno. While some property owners wish to be involved in every stage of the planning and execution process, others don’t want to lift a finger. We will come to understand the kind of client you are and either have you collaborate with us throughout the process or complete the project quickly and effectively while you focus on other important parts of your life. With All About Kitchens, you can expect a completely customized approach to your remodel.

3. Saving Money

While hiring a professional to save money may seem counterintuitive, hear us out. Yes, completing a bathroom renovation can cost a pretty penny, but there are plenty of upgrades you can complete on a budget and our team can help you create a realistic one, and stick to it.

We have the experience to tell you how much you can expect to pay for certain upgrades and direct you toward materials and options that are budget-friendly. Additionally, we have plenty of resources and connections in the industry and can likely help you find discounted products and affordable installation options.

Also, hiring a professional like us will allow you to avoid amateur mistakes that can be costly to remedy.

4. Creating Spaces with Resale Value

As we pointed out in the introduction, a bathroom renovation can really make or break your home. A shoddy renovation will send buyers running to other properties, while a good one may encourage them to overlook other, less favorable factors that you have less control over, such as the location or size of your home.

With this in mind, it is important to consider what other people will look for in a bathroom space. Of course, we understand that you want your bathroom to be reflective of your personal style, but choosing sturdy, good-quality, and timeless pieces can help you gain a return on investment when the time comes to sell.

Our experts keep up to date with industry trends and we know what buyers are looking for in their bathrooms, including modern fixtures, good storage, and functional ease. With our guidance, you can create a bathroom that will impress any and every buyer and make you money!

5. Passion and Dedication

It can be all too easy to get bogged down by a bathroom renovation, especially when you have other important things going on in your life. At All About Kitchens, bathrooms are our passion, and when we take on a new project, your renovation becomes our number one priority. We don’t cut corners to get the job done, instead, we use our year of culminated knowledge to deliver stunning results you’ll be excited to show off.

The Only Bathroom Renovation You’ll Need

At All About Kitchens, our goal is to help you design and create a bathroom space that stands the test of time. We don’t do quick fixes and fad trends, instead, we help our clients create bathrooms that will be appreciated and enjoyed for decades to come with high-quality building materials, sophisticated storage solutions, and simple yet beautiful designs.

We have created dozens of beautiful bathrooms in both modern and historical houses. Whether you are looking to update your ground-floor powder room or your master bath, we will pull out all the stops to achieve results you’ll absolutely love.

To learn more about our expertise or to schedule a consultation with our expert remodelers today, we invite you to contact us by phone or email. All About Kitchens is confident that you will not regret hiring a professional remodeling team to complete your project!