How to Find the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

There's no doubt it can be overwhelming to find a reputable kitchen remodeling contractor whose talent and abilities will shine through in your new space. Nevertheless, it’s critical to the value of your investment to take extra time to vet the list of companies Google presents to you.

Here at All About Kitchens, we’ve remodeled many kitchens over the years and know what it takes to do the job properly. With that in mind, we’re here today to lay out our top tips to help you choose a reliable contractor who will meet your expectations and design the kitchen of your dreams.

Know Your Kitchen Plans

Above all, you need to understand your vision and the details that must be incorporated into your kitchen project to bring it to life. You don't need to be an interior designer to create a list of the details incorporated into your ideal cooking space—you only need to know what you're looking for.

Here is a list of things to consider when writing your detailed plan:

  • Do you want to remodel the entire space or implement a few upgrades?
  • What style are you going for? You can align yourself with traditional, contemporary, transitional, eclectic, modern, craftsman, rustic, farmhouse, industrial, Mediterranean, and many more styles for inspiration.
  • What is your preferred color scheme?
  • Are you upgrading the countertops and cabinets? If so, what material do you have in mind?
  • Are you upgrading the appliances?
  • What is your budget?

Something that should help you answer these questions quicker is taking time to determine what the kitchen will be used for. If you intend on doing a lot of cooking in it, you might want more counter space and energy-efficient appliances.

If it’s mainly for dining in, you may want to focus more on having space for a dining table or an island. Having these details prepared will help the contractor determine if they’re a good fit for your vision.

Ask Your Network for Referrals

Do you have family members or friends who had their kitchen remodeled in the past? If so, are you impressed with the results? This could be a great place to start because you can see firsthand what a contractor's work looks like.

Another great aspect of this approach is that you can find out what they charge. If your friend or family member remodeled their kitchen in a similar style to what you would like, ask them how much the project cost. If it far exceeds your budget, you don't need to waste time calling the contractor and sitting through a consultation. On the contrary, if it fits your budget, you can add the contractor to your shortlist.

Do Secondary Online Research

Adding to your personal referrals, you’ll also want to do online research to add to your list. The easiest way to do this is by doing a Google search.

Use focused questions such as "top kitchen remodeling company near me" or "top rated kitchen remodeling contractor near me." A list of results will be displayed for you to sift through.

Create a list and begin by reading their reviews on Google Business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Facebook, and other sites. The more reviews you read, the easier it is to understand the company's reputation.

You can take it a step further by seeing how the company responds to negative reviews to give you an idea of their customer service and problem-solving skills.

Ask to See Business License, Insurance, and Certifications

Once you’ve compiled a list of top contractors, the next step is to inquire about their business credentials. You never want to settle for a contractor who lacks sufficient credentials because it can result in severe problems and hefty fines down the road.

Here are the most important documents you should always ask to see before signing a service plan contract:

  • Registered business name
  • Valid insurance
  • Bonding documents
  • Any other certifications depending on your area

Confirm that all documentation is valid and up to date and passes the local bylaw requirements for all operating home remodeling contractors. Here at All About Kitchens, we’re always happy to provide proof of our valid credentials to help give peace of mind and prove we’re a legally operating company.

Request a Complimentary In-Home Consultation

Once you've narrowed your list to the top few, you’ll want to find the best fit for your project. This can be done through an in-home consultation.

A reputable contracting company will happily send a few crew members to consult with you about project details and how they can deliver on your vision. During the consultation, this is your opportunity to provide them with all your details and what your expectations are.

They’ll examine your kitchen in its entirety and draft a plan. Whichever contractors can display that they have the skills, workforce, and expertise to remodel your kitchen perfectly, keep them on your top-pick list.

Talk Budget, Quotes, and Timeline

Once you've narrowed your list further, determining which contractor can accommodate your budget and timeline is the easiest way to make your top pick.

Ask how much the retainer will be and if they allow installment payments. Determine when the project will be complete and when the final payment will be due. Compile all these details to choose the contractor that fits your budget and offers a payment plan you’re comfortable with.

Before signing a contract, ensure that what they verbally offered you is included in a written agreement precisely as they stated.


Finding the best, most reliable, and most affordable contractor to manage your kitchen remodeling project is a project in and of itself. But the time and effort you spend weeding out the subpar contractors is well worth it in the end and will pay dividends in the form of a stunning kitchen.

All About Kitchens is a leading contractor that puts the needs of its clients above all and works meticulously to exceed their expectations. If you would like to learn more about our credentials, rates, and abilities, we’ll be happy to sit with you one-on-one to discuss these very important details and determine if we’re a good fit for your remodel. Feel free to contact us at (209) 521-4490 to schedule an appointment.