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Kitchen Remodeling in Turlock

Four Ways to Make Your Next Kitchen Renovation Project in Turlock a Success

If you’re like many Turlock homeowners, you probably think that your upcoming kitchen remodel is going to totally transform your home—and by extension, your life! Well, that’s likely true, but if you don’t go in with a solid plan, the change might not be for the better.

All About Kitchens has been Turlock’s renovation experts for over five years, and in our time helping homeowners achieve their kitchen remodel, we’ve seen a few factors common to every successful renovation. To help you marry your dream kitchen design with a realistic plan, we’ve created this little guide of four tips to keep in mind before you break ground.

Tip 1: Budget Properly

Did you know that the average kitchen remodel cost for 2018 was nearly $22,000? Frankly, there’s no reason you need to spend that sort of money to have a beautiful kitchen design you can be proud of. In fact, most kitchen renovations go over time and over budget. It’s not the residential contractors who are to blame in most cases, but homeowners who have unrealistic expectations.

Come up with three figures: the lowest you’re willing to spend while still getting okay results, the figure that would make you wince and give you buyer’s remorse, and a figure in the middle. Aim for the middle sum. Discuss it with your contractor.

Tip 2: Be Realistic About Your Needs

This tip goes in tandem with the one above it. The Internet is an awesome tool for looking up beautiful kitchen design ideas. But it’s easy to get carried away by trends or by showroom kitchens that were never meant to be lived in. If your kitchen gets a lot of use, don’t fill it with delicate materials just because you saw them in a magazine. And if your kitchen’s more of a centerpiece than a functional room in your home, don’t invest in the best industrial-quality appliances if you won’t get use out of them.

Tip 3: Mix Vintage With New to Lower Costs

Listen, if money were no object, we’d all buy gleaming new kitchens direct from the factory showroom. But that simply isn’t an option for most homeowners. Incorporating used and reclaimed materials into your design can give your kitchen a warm rustic look and slash your budget. We’d call that a win-win.

Tip 4: Work With the Right Partners

The biggest obstacle we see homeowners run into when undertaking residential renovations is not doing their homework when it comes to seeking out quality contractors. Worse still, there’s no better way to balloon a budget past the average kitchen remodel cost than to attempt a DIY renovation when you’re not that handy.

All About Kitchens is the best choice for your kitchen renovation project because we’ve specialized in designing and building beautiful kitchens for over five years in the Turlock area. And all our estimates are no-obligation. If you have any questions about how to bring your dream kitchen to life, give us a call today!

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