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Westley, CA: The Town of Charms

Westley, CA, is a town in Northern California with an enchanting charm. Westley prides itself on its natural beauty and the West Coast lifestyle. Westley is located in the northeast corner of Merced County at an elevation of 1,300 feet above sea level. Westley's population has fluctuated throughout the years, but it currently sits at about 2,000 people. Information can be found here.

The Westley, the CA area, has a charm all its own. This is what makes Westley so great! This town of fewer than 500 people is nestled in the heart of California's central valley, and it truly stands out among places to visit. Westley was founded as a small agricultural community whose economy relied on surrounding fertile land for producing grapes, cotton, alfalfa hay, and cattle feed. Today, Westley remains an agriculture-based town, but almonds are their primary focus due to the almond industry taking over most fields previously used for crops such as grapes or wheat. From Westley, one can take advantage of close proximity to wineries whose tasting rooms are open daily from 12pm – sunset. Westley is also home to the Westley's California Almond Heritage Park & Museum, whose goal is to preserve its rich history and educate visitors on how almonds are grown, harvested, packaged, and shipped. See here for information about Manteca, CA: The City of Opportunity.